Why Should I Care About Life Groups?

Why Should I Care About Life Groups?

There's no doubt that you can drill down everything that makes you “You” to relationships. Your relationship with God, relationship with your family, and your relationship with others.  All of this affects experiences and decisions in life.

And, spiritual discipleship definitely happens best in the context of relationships.  This is called relational discipleship. Just by looking at the over 30 “one another” commands in scripture proves we need this. You can’t “one another” yourself! This is why we believe Bible Fellowship is so important at Temple. 

But you also need a closed group to accomplish this well. At Temple, Bible Fellowship is not closed; it's open. Open to anyone and everyone...Christian or non-Christian, mature or immature, and that's essential. This is where Life Groups come in.

Life Groups are vital ingredients to “tasting and seeing that the LORD is good.” They enable you to dive deeper into relational discipleship, to really be known, be challenged spiritually, to be held accountable, pray specifically, and to make disciples of Jesus. All of this takes close relationship within a small and safe environment. Usually, Life Groups meet in a home twice a month with about 8-12 people (or 4-6 couples).

We need both! Open and closed groups. If you're not utilizing closed life groups, your open Bible Fellowship will probably become closed over time. New people will have a hard time connecting. Having a closed environment like Life Groups to do the things that can hamper an open group, keeps your Bible Fellowships open.

I believe we need to be ready for numeric growth in Bible Fellowship this fall as Pastor David comes on board and we begin a new season at Temple! Is your Bible Fellowship open to new people? Does your Bible Fellowship have Life Groups? Do you need to start them?

Wednesday, June 19 at 6pm in WC130 Temple will have a Life Groups Training at the church. If your Bible Fellowship doesn’t have Life Groups, this training will help you get them off the ground going strong. If your Bible Fellowship does have Life Groups, this training will help strengthen your groups.

There will be dinner and childcare provided for those who pre-registered. You can learn more here.