A Fool-Proof Plan

A Fool-Proof Plan

Proverbs 12:5

28 The way of a fool seems right to him,

but a wise man listens to advice.

Central Truth

It is foolish to deny the godly wisdom of others and to rely totally on your own knowledge and experience.


We all know people who believe they are experts on everything and refuse the advice of those who are truly knowledgeable and experienced in specific areas. For example, my husband, a retired engineer, frequently tells of businessmen or developers who hire a specialist for advice yet later fail to heed the advice because they don’t like it. Instead, they proceed with their own plans, often resulting in financial loss, injury, or even lawsuits. The scripture above refers to such people as fools because they had access to the best advice but failed to take it.

Not only in business decisions but in all areas of our lives, we should heed this teaching. The bible is loaded with wisdom directly from God on every subject we will ever need, and we should search the scriptures before making decisions. There are times when we may also need confirmation from a friend or family member, one who has walked closely with the Lord for years and who knows the scriptures well. When I have sought out mentors like these to guide me through difficult times, they have been faithful to help me find the Lord’s will for those situations. It is only through bible study, prayer, and guidance from godly friends that we can safely navigate through the snares of this life. When we attempt to go it alone, God says we are fools, but when we heed his advice, we can become “fool”-proof.

Questions To Ponder

  • Do you know someone who always thinks they are right?

  • In what ways do you respond to people who always think they are right?

  • When you’re making a decision…. Do you look for Godly people to counsel with or go it alone

  • What do you think the advantages are of consulting with a wise person about a major decision in your life?

Scripture Memory | March | Proverbs 21:30-31

“No human wisdom or understanding or plan

can stand against the Lord.

The horse is prepared for the day of battle,

but the victory belongs to the Lord.”

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