Are You Grounded With A Firm Foundation?

Are You Grounded With A Firm Foundation?

Proverbs 10:25

25 When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more,

But the righteous has an everlasting foundation.

Central Truth

Having a faith that is built on Christ, the firm foundation, will give you the ability to withstand all the trials and tribulations that you will face on this earth.


I like the NASB version of this verse, as it gives a more vivid picture of the message it is sending.  For anyone who has lived in the South for any period of time, you have likely experienced severe weather.  As an occasional amateur storm chaser, I’ve seen my fair share of violent storms and tornadoes.  Many of these storms leave behind a path of despair.  Whether it is a tornado coursing through a neighborhood or a hurricane barreling down on an entire coastline, the destruction becomes evident at first light once the storm passes. 

I picture severe weather when I read this passage.  You have likely seen what a tornado can do to structures when they take a direct hit.  Depending on the strength of the storm, the destruction can be devastating; however, if you look closely, certain structures can withstand the destruction of a strong tornado, while others can be gone without a trace.  Oftentimes, the difference in missing some shingles and missing the whole structure comes down to the foundation.  If you invest in a good, solid foundation, then your structure could weather the storm.

Our spiritual lives take a parallel to this example.  If you build your faith on a solid foundation in the Word of God, you will be able to withstand the whirlwinds of life that will come at you in all directions (John 16:33).  When you fall ill or lose a family member, you will have faith rooted in the solid foundation of Christ to guide you through.  When you lose a job or your car breaks down and you do not have the money to fix it, you can stand firm in your belief, knowing that God is in control.

If you don’t have that firm foundation in God, these trials of life will knock you over and you will not have anything to hold on to.  When something bad happens or you don’t get the job you wanted, your beliefs can be shattered. 

Plant your feet on a solid foundation, rooted in Christ, and take up the full armor of God (Eph 6:10-17) so that you can continue to stand strong when the whirlwind passes.Is your foundation firm in Christ?Can you withstand the whirlwinds that life throws at you?

Questions To Ponder

  • How would you describe the contrast that’s made in this verse?

  • What do you think the “everlasting foundation” is speaking of?

  • How firm is your foundation in Christ today?

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Sticks and Stones…

Sticks and Stones…