My Gift is Bigger than Yours!!!

My Gift is Bigger than Yours!!!

Ephesians 4:7-9

7 However, he has given each one of us a special gift through the generosity of Christ. 8 That is why the Scriptures say,

“When he ascended to the heights,

he led a crowd of captives

and gave gifts to his people.”

9 Notice that it says “he ascended.” This clearly means that Christ also descended to our lowly world.

Central Truth

We as the church are called, as a family, to fulfill the purpose of the church.


Through the years I think I have been guilty of seeing spiritual gifts in the light of comparison.  You know, he must be more spiritual because he has the gift of prophecy or she is closer to God because she has the gift of teaching.  I mean I can make a mean dip and like having people bombard my house and that is me doing God’s will and using my spiritual gift???  And the short answer is yes.  That is me doing my part in the body…my part fulfilling my purpose that God intended for me. 

As a staff member’s wife, over the years, I have found myself wearing lots of hats and working in lots of areas.  Some areas were great fits for my gifts and talents and others were taken by default.  I struggled in the beginning of our marriage to really find my niche, not just in ministry, but as a Christian trying to find and use her spiritual gift.  Especially as Brad’s gifts of teaching and leading were 2 of the more “glamorous” ones, I felt like I was floundering some.  So, I sat down and thought about all of these roles.  I found that when I excelled and when I felt most fulfilled in a role, I found 2 things.  I found I wanted those around me to feel comfortable and feel loved.  In a word, hospitality.  As much as it may stress me out sometimes with my perfectionist tendencies, I love having people in my home and feeding them, making them feel safe.  In a room, I want those around me to feel comfortable and included. 

For a while, I really struggled seeing my role in ministry as less than.  But while we were doing college ministry I think the Lord really chose to show me the value of different gifts.  NO ONE is more grateful for free food than a college student!  And in this broken world, a home of laughter and love, sadly, is not the norm.  What God allowed me to see is that once those sweet students were in our home and fed and feeling comfortable, they were ready to hear and learn and grow when Brad spoke truth in their life through Scripture!  If I just fed them food without Brad pouring in God’s teaching, the same growth would not have occurred.  But what is even more amazing to me is that if Brad had poured the Scripture into them but they were not feeling that love and acceptance they would not have heard the Word in the same way and grown the same either.  Both gifts were needed to make maximum impact.

Spiritual gifts are such an amazing outlet that God has chosen to allow us to fulfill His will.  He could have made it so each of us were the same.  Each of us doing our function out of duty and finding no joy in it.  But we see in Romans 12:5-8, we are called to a unique role and we are called to do it in His supernatural power.  We are called to do it in excellence and in joy. We are not left to our own devices to do it in excellence, we have each been empowered to fulfill that role.  We as the church are called, as a family, to fulfill the purpose of the church.  We have strengths and weaknesses in different areas and we are called to work together as a literal body to love God and love one another.  So if you have the gift of kindness, ask God to show you ways you never imagined to be kind.  If you have the gift of generosity, then ask God to help you give like you have never given before.  If you have the gift of teaching, prepare with excellence and teach away.  As for me, I will be over here cooking.  I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with another season of ministry with college students.  I’m thankful for the opportunity every Sunday night to have my rowdy Life Group of college students who know they are loved by me because I don’t let them leave my house without being full.  Who know they have a place to come, a place where they are loved and a couple who wants to see them grow and use their gifts mightily for the His glory. So, find your gifts and use them, not for your glory but His!

Questions to Ponder

  • “The measure of Christ’s gift,” does this mean that every believer receives at least one unique spiritual gift?

  • If each and every believer has been given a unique spiritual gift, what does God expect from us? (Romans 12:3-8)

  • What is your spiritual gift; are you using it to further God’s kingdom?

  • What does Paul tell Timothy concerning his spiritual gift? (1 Timothy 4:13-15)


Scripture Memory | May | Ephesians 4:15

“Instead, we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of his body, the church.”

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Gift Receiving

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