Pride, A Spiritual Cancer

Pride, A Spiritual Cancer

Proverbs 13:10

10 Pride leads to conflict;

those who take advice are wise.

Central Truth

Looking only to myself and my desires creates avoidable conflict.


Pride…that one syllable word with the single “I” focus right in the center. It is no wonder that Solomon, the writer of Proverbs, recognizes that when we are the focus of our own story and narrative it leads to conflict.  I can’t live up to what I think I should do, and the result is inner conflict.  I let others down, and the result is outward conflict.

            Pride is my way of saying, “I’ve got this on my own.” I don’t really ever say it out loud, but my actions speak for my thoughts.  If I live out these thoughts by what I do, I am telling God that I don’t need the provision of others that he has made for me.  We live in a “make your own way” society.  But God’s methods are not the methods of this world.  I would quickly acknowledge that I DO need God. I DO need the sacrifice of His son. I DO need His faithful love towards me. I DO need His spirit guiding me in all of my ways. In acknowledging that I need God, I am also acknowledging that I need what he provides for me through other people. 

            I can always find advice for whatever I am facing. I can find advice that will challenge me and be truthful. I can also find advice that will coddle me and tell me what my selfish desires want to hear.  We can all be quick to admit that we should be careful of our source of advice.  My greatest responsibility in receiving advice is to do just that, receive it.  What does it look like to receive advice? To receive advice is to apply it to my life: make the necessary change of direction, have the tough conversation, ask for forgiveness, put a boundary in place, etc.

I show and actually live out wisdom when I accept the good judgement brought to my life by other believers. C.S.Lewis says, “Pride is a spiritual cancer; it eats up the possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.

Questions To Ponder

  • If I know that I do need God, why do I carry on as if I don’t?

  • Is there an area where you are trying to gain God’s approval by performing to a standard that

  • feeds your pride?

  • Is any trouble in my life stemming from or accentuated by my pride?

  • What wise counsel am I refusing to acknowledge?

Scripture Memory | March | Proverbs 21:30-31

“No human wisdom or understanding or plan

can stand against the Lord.

The horse is prepared for the day of battle,

but the victory belongs to the Lord.”

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