The Subtlety of Pride!

The Subtlety of Pride!

Proverbs 16:5

Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord:

Though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished

Central Truth

The Heart is deceitfully prideful. We must always be on guard to remain humble through the grace and forgiveness of Christ. Our passage today reports that a man of pride is an abomination to the Lord- fight hard to kill your pride.


Perhaps some of you have read my book?? It’s titled, ‘’The Ten Most Humble people and How I trained the other nine.’’ Give it a look…. Alright nobody believe that as it is an attempt at humor. We look at pride today(no… not a pack of lions) and how it can be rampant in our lives. Today our passage is from Proverbs 16 verse 5.

‘’Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord: Though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished’’

I initially read the passage as ‘Everyone’ and not ‘’every one’ as It is clearly written. This is good news as one in all inclusive and the other is not. It would be terrible if everyone by default had pride in our hearts and were automatically an abomination to the Lord… then the more I pondered on the passage, the Lord brought to mind Jeremiah 17:9 which talks about my heart being deceitfully wicked and no person can fully understand the wickedness of their own heart. This is one of those passages that has a bit of a razor edge to it. It is true and I desire truth, but it tells me things about myself I’d prefer to not acknowledge at times. My heart is deceitfully wicked and It is hard for me to fully see it! This is a built-in default setting in the human heart. It surprises me sometimes when I see how many folks do not fully believe in the doctrine of Total depravity. It’s real and It’s biblical folks! We are totally depraved and in need of a savior. Mine and your heart is in all probability way worse then our subjective assessment reveals it to be. This is where the Grace of God is an exceptionally beautiful characteristic of God. Praise God for Grace! Relating our passage into our life today, we should be on guard against pride! It’s much more subtle than we think it to be. It’s also most likely way more prevalent than we would like to admit. So be on guard against a proud heart! Ive noticed in my own life it is an issue. It seems the Lord is always working on me. Wether it is a direct and more obvious sin issue, or a more subtle issue that is harder to see. Ive noted that when I seem to be doing better in an area of conviction, It’s only a matter of time before I tell myself..’’Hey, you’re doing better in this area.. It’s been x-amount of time…’’and soon I feel a sense of self-accomplishment and spiritual pride rather than focusing on the grace of God that provides the escape from sin and temptation. I also feel pride can have many forms to it. Wether the outwardly prodigal son or the inwardly prodigal son, Pride was there with both of them. Pride has several different ways of revealing itself. To clarify, It’s a good thing that Christians obey the law and act according to scripture, Im not saying don't obey, but we need to be on guard against a subtle sin that we may commit more than we realize. The subtle sin of being prideful. So today, ask and pray for daily discernment and grace in your walk with Christ! Every one that is proud is an abomination. And EVERYONE(also spoken as e’rrybody- you, me, e’rrybody) has a heart that is deceitfully wicked and hard to know! So be on guard against such and be grateful for the doctrines of Grace and forgiveness. They cover us in a multitude of sins! Be blessed and be a blessing this week!!

Questions To Ponder

  • What is the relationship like between the proud and The Lord?

  • If the proud join forces with others that are prideful…. What will be their consequence?

  • What would be a first step to move away from a proud heart?

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